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About Us

Our company started with Remote Control Devices to make products in its own name, after it was established in 1993; carried out the design, software and production of these products at its own facilities. Our company started its R&D studied with these devices; then  developed Wireless Crane Control Systems and later Smart Home Systems.

Our company that has proven itself in the sector with quick service concept and techical solution approaches, has thousands of applications about lighting automation; its production philosophy has combined with the products increasing safety and making human’s life easier for the benefit of society. It has taken the vision of product the technologies in order to respond the expections of our customers in both today and near future.

Our company continued R&D studies without interruption; closely follows developing technologies; All products produced by our company has a become a part of human life , first energy-saving  and secondly comfort and convenience , thanks to the sensivity of the nature and environment and as as strategy, it adopts to make all human’s life easier, by having these products at reasonable prices.