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Please first, check whether  your connections are completely connected during the installation of the system voltage connection. It can be seen , what is applied as the voltage from the covalent end, by measuring the voltage applied from its output. You can use as the button without applying the voltage to this contact elements.

Our device, ART-9  is controlled by RF and it is a device used in areas to be allowed is done remotely the controls of the ligthings in the places such as office, showroom. Our devices operate on 433 MHz frequency .  The operating distance of device is 30 m in the closed space, and is 50m in the open space. It may vary between 50 or 100 m according to the type of antenna used.
1. Device operates by applying the voltage 220V.
2. Its relay outputs are double-directional. It can be used the output and seen  the voltage applied in its output connectors by means of applying a voltage to the covalent end, what is applied from the relay outputs. (normally open and closed contact)
3.Device can operate with the unit director, also it is possible the control of 999 point with a single controller and a single active antenna connection.
4.Power LED on the device indicates the running of the device.
5.Prg button is used to the recognition in communication between the device and controller. In addition, all of this relays can be manually turned on-off.
6. LED Signal indicates to being received the signal from the transmitter, also this led indicates that the recognition process is done, by flashing  in the operation of identity.

Delete the device memory

1. To identify the transmitter unit, please note that the device is connected to power cables.
2.Before describing the transmitter ,please delete the device memory. First, the power of device should be interrupted and then Prg button should be held. While the situation continues, the device is energized without leaving the button and it is pressed and held for 5 seconds.

Introduction of the device

1. While the receiver unit is running, you should hold to the identity button of receiver. You push the number of button you want to identity through smart controller. Then you push +, the signal LED flashes,this shows that the receiver has been identified to the transmitter.
2. After the recognition, you push the numbers identified through smart controller. Then you press and hold + (to open) and – (to close).

- Device should be kept away from humid and wet places.
- Device should not be exposed to any impact during use.
- Device is 220 V. Please do not make changes on the device unless a specific production is other than these voltages.
- Not to the energy except for proposed power.
- Device should be sent to our technical service when it fails without interfering.
- Otherwise  if the device is removed or any damage, it shall be outside the scope of the warranty, thus the user is responsible for all errors and defects that may occur.
- Before appliying the voltage to receiver unit, please note that the device connections is according to the scheme. Otherwise, the user shall be responsible fro damages or defects that may arise for this reason.


Width :15.8 cm
Depth : 5.9 cm
Length : 12 cm

Width : 6.9 cm
Depth : 5.9 cm
Length : 12 cm